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A backpacking trip is not just about visiting a new city or seeing new places, but also about having some unforgettable experiences at the hostel you stay. Lets list down some things that we expect you will face during your stay at Le Pension!

  1. Meeting people from diverse backgrounds: There exists a whole new universe of diversity in India, be it in respect of culture, religion of language. It is quite likely that you will end up staying with someone who is absolutely different from you on the surface. Dig a little deeper, and you yourself will say “Fir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustaani”.
  2. Initial awkward conversations and pauses: Every time you meet someone new you feel like you are being forced to talk at gunpoint. Unlike Nescafe, it all starts with a lot awkward silences and you just wish that the ground beneath you opens and you fall right down to place where you can be alone and have some peace.
  3. Finding that one common string: Those initial conversations are a lot like Treasure Hunting, you are desperately looking for that one common subject that would save you from going bankrupt in regard with your words. It could be anything: bollywood, football, politics or sunny leone 😉 . And if nothing works out, you can always depend on CRI Yes, we are a nation of BILLION CRAZY CRICKET LOVERS.
  4. Sharing Crazy Stories: Once you are past that awkward threshold , one story leads to another and you end up sharing your craziest experiences from the past with each other. Being a backpacker, you just never run out of stories. You tell each other about the various places you have visited and the different people you have met.
  5. Plans to go out and get drunk: Away from home and not getting drunk- Just Impossible! Going for a backpacking trip and staying at Le Pension-Amazing. Finding a partner who drinks-Priceless! The long conversations have brought you really close and now you need is a catalyst(ALCOHOL-C2H50H) to make your bond unbreakable.
  6. Watching a late night movie: After a long tiring day of travel and sightseeing, all you want is a sound sleep on your bunker. but as soon as you come back, the comfort that Le Pension offers you makes you forget all your fatigue. You just take out your laptop and watch a classic movie online with your roomie. Thanks to the free Wi-Fi at Le Pension.
  7. Saying Sayonara: You exchange phone numbers with your roomie, add them on facebook and take a picture together as a souvenir of your time spent together with a promise of keeping in touch. Saying goodbye is always the hardest part, but you still thank Le Pension for giving you a wonderful friend and a wonderful experience.

We at Le Pension welcome you and promise you a lot more than this! Happy Backpacking!