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This week’s travelogue is extra special, we have the honor of sharing a young energetic couple’s story of their escape to Suntalekhola, a small quaint village located in the beautiful valley of Darjeeling.

Lets get to know something about our authors – Amitava & Prith Dasgupta

This is what Amitava had to say about his childhood and how he got about to travel and finally writing:


I spent my childhood in Howrah, a town in West Bengal. Every day I  closely observed The Shalimar railway station, as that was beside our  house. The trains’ whistle, hustle and bustle of the passengers, shouting  of the porters was so fascinating to me. I used to travel around riding my  cycle. I still miss my journey to school with my friends. The flow of life  and its colours have played a big role in developing my passion for  cinema and later I chose film editing as my profession, it also played an integral role in my quest for exploring new places and cultures.


pritha On the other hand, Prith is an an online marketing consultant, offering insight  on social media, online marketing and the future of online business. However  according to her, her true passion is exploring out-of-the-track locations and  discovering the taste of local cuisine.  While not working or exploring  odd locations Prith loves to spend time reading books and playing with her two  years old daughter.



And here we present to you their journey through Suntalekhola:

Way to the solitary village

Suntalekhola is a small village in Darjeeling district, 950 over the sea level. The name derived from two Nepali words Suntale means Orange and Khola means stream.


The above two lines seem nothing special or unnatural, but if you go there you can experience the real feel of the village. For me, it is more than a small village. It is a place to rejuvenate one’s self. Those of us who are city dwellers, no matter big or small, often feel bored and over stressed dueto our busy schedule. This is the time when you need to take some rest and refresh your soul. Suntalekhola is a place that will give you this rare opportunity to refresh yourself in the laps of nature and far from the madding crowd of the big cities.

Okay, now let me take you to Suntalekhola.

The journey

The journey to Suntalekhola is a real treat for the eyes and soul. If you count me, I felt exactly the same what I am writing here.


We began our journey from Bauxa Tourist Lodge in Rajavatkhaoa in the first hour of the morning by car to Suntalekhola. For the initial part, the road’s condition was pretty dismal. There were bumps and dust all over the road. All of our team members were pretty much disappointed because we had heard that this journey was a relaxing one for the eyes, however we were left pretty disappointed to witness the reality.

However as we started climbing up the Himalayan terrain, the scenes started to transform. All of a sudden, from the bumpy road we fell into the laps of the nature surrounded by lush green tea gardens. The cool October breeze greeted us and at last, we experienced the relaxation what we were searching from the beginning.

The tea estate of Goodricke falls on the way to Suntalekhola in Samsing; the vast green tea garden with its calm and green beauty is something that every urban dweller would absolutely love, its an absolute delight to witness,

The Cottages

West Bengal Forest Development Corporation has its cottages in Sutalekhola for tourist accommodation. The scenic beauty of the location deserves a special mention.


The cottages are by the side of a small hill stream. The entrance is through a hanging rope bridge suspended over the stream.

That was a remarkable experience for me to enter a resort walking through a hanging bridge with a dancing hill stream beneath my feet and a vast clear sky over my head. That was the first time I had such a refreshing experience.


Now, let’s move into the resort. The resort is a collection of a number of small cottages, mainly double sharing. Though there are one or two large cottages for multiple sharing. The cottages provide every modern facility like electricity, modern bathroom, hot and cold water supply for 24 hours. The area is an eco-friendly zone. The electricity is produced by the solar system.

The garden surrounding the cottages is well-maintained and there are outdoor dining options. We enjoyed the freshness of nature and our delicious food at the same time.


At night, absolute darkness shields the cottages. That was an amazing experience to hear the sweet sound of the flowing stream and observing the twinkling stars in the sky in absolute darkness. A true reincarnation of the soul.

Disclaimer: All of the above content has been reproduced here with the due content of the original author. 

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