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So here we are again folks, and this week’s travelogue is written by someone with whom we all can relate with. Meet Srijal, who describes himself as  a yet another I.T. guy ;). A 23 year old working with Accenture as a software engineer who is a traveler by nature & a passionate blogger!

Srijal’s inspiration and motivation to start blogging is really meaningful and different, hailing from Chhattisgarh, this young lad was quite surprised with the lifestyle and culture of Namma Bengaluru and he wanted to showcase this to his native’s people and thus was born Srijalism.

Below we present to you a detailed account of his trek through the coffee haven of India – Chikmagalur, which also hosts the highest peak of Karnataka, Mullyangiri!

Dear Chikmagalur,

I am coming. I know you will drench me with all your strength. I know you are gonna be much more tougher than all my previous treks, being the highest peak in Karnataka! I know the temperature will be 10 degrees lesser than my Bengaluru  (which is relatively cooler than most parts of India in the month of June)


Challenge Accepted!

Background-Story :


After trekking through Westerm ghats of Coorg @Tadiyanmol, ( Read more at Sky full of stars: Coorg ) and walking past through adventurous mountains of Ramnagar. ( Read more at Ramnagar : A hidden gem ) : The highest peak of Karnataka was next on the list!

So here I was in the district of Chikmagalur, to conquer the highest peak of Karnataka :)

How it started :

It was a Saturday morning & instead on waking up comfortably with a bed tea, here I was some 280 kms away from Bengaluru. With introduction from all the fellow trekkers, we began our trek! There were two instructors with us. One leading the group & one at the end to keep track of everyone.


@Base Camp, near Mulyangiri

The Trek : ( From green towards blue )

Half asleep after last night’s journey,  we started walking. The weather was as pleasant as possible.  Rounds of selfies & profile pictures started taking place everywhere.


Selfie to banti hai 😀


Temperature : 15 degrees ( real feel ). Meanwhile it was 45 degrees at my birth place in Chhattisgarh 😉

Rainfall : Almost always present!

Sunlight : We couldn’t see for most of the part!

The trek was not difficult till halfway. In fact the views were so scenic that many a times it resembled a painting :)

There were just 3 colors visible everywhere. Green, brown & blue!


The beautiful valley of Chikmaglur

Soon it started raining! The ponchos were out replacing the jackets :) And we were soon approaching the ridges!

The Ridge Walk :

This was my favorite part of the entire trek. I had not seen anything like this before. As soon as we saw the ridge, our eyes lit up in awe! Our first reaction was “Now where do we walk” !

Ridge Walk

Height :  4000 feet approx. above sea-level. Still long way to reach the top!


But this was the most exciting part! At one side there were mountains & valley on the other! It was breath-taking! I am short of adjectives to describe the adrenaline-rush which we experienced! It left me with so much positive vigor that helped me in overcoming the trivial problems that we face in daily life :)


        “Notice the number of exclamation marks that I have used to describe the ridge walk. It sums it all“



The FOOD :

One thing that I have realized is that anything that is warm and spicy will taste heavenly. In fact everything starts tasting delicious when you are some 6300 feet high!


As we reached halfway through the trek we stopped for lunch. Thank you BMC again for organizing everything in such a fantastic fashion! The entire trekking experience including the food and hospitality was worth every penny spent :)


Pulav + Raita + Rains = A delightful experience 😀




The food tasted heavenly sitting at Nature’s Lap…:IMG_7443

Up above the world so high!

The interesting thing that we noticed on reaching the top is that there was a temple as well as mosque next to each other and therefore the place is known as “Mullayanagiri-Bababuddangiri”


  • It helps you in re-discovering your true potential. Frankly speaking I had never imagined that one fine day I will be able to walk for 16 kms in a span of 8 hours (Considering the fact that we are so dependent on our vehicles these days )


  • Trekking makes you realize the true worth of basic necessities like food, water & sleep. All the other materialistic things start appearing so trivial. I still can’t live without my iPhone though :p
  • It’s good to be social. But not just being social on Facebook/Whatsapp. True, we can’t live without either of them. But can we really connect to people at a personal level virtually ? While trekking you will find all sorts of people in their true selves! Ever heard the phrase “Be Yourself !!“. Well that’s how you are while trekking :)



  •  I know the comfortable feeling of staying whole day in your cozy bed doing absolutely nothing!  Or spending the entire weekend with a bottle of beer in front of TV. But the above two can never beat the experience of eating Pulao & Raita while getting drenched at the same time & watching clouds sail through the mountains.


Into the clouds @Mullyangiri

Budget :  3000 per person!

Includes everything like food, transportation, stay & trekking instructors.

Thank you Bangalore Mountaineering Club.

I end this with a quote from one of the most famous travelers of all times – Ibn Batuta

“Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”

Disclaimer: All of the above content has been reproduced here with the due content of the original author. 

Link to original blog

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