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Longing for a break from work? With everything in place, are just travel cost and other expenses bothering you? Worry not. Just change your way of living in a subtle way and save the buck for your next trip. Here are the 7 ways which will help you save!

  1. Eat in


Eating at famous restaurants and bistros may sound chic and elegant. Though convenient and easy it punches a big hole in your pocket. Try for a home cooked meal instead. One can also pack your lunch to the workplace. It’s the best way to avoid the unnecessary carbs and is the healthy way of living. Indulge in dinner out with friends so you don’t miss out the social touch but let it be occasional instance.

2. Plan


Give due attention to the planning phase of anything. Planning ahead helps avoid last minute unnecessary monetary expenditure and compromises. So be it your daily expenses or a booking a train journey. Plan in advance; to your surprise you may even get early bird discounts.


  1. Save first attitude


Develop ‘Save-First’ attitude. Whenever you get overjoyed by the ‘Salary is credited’ message from your bank, remember to put a considerable amount of money in Savings after the EMIs are deducted. Pamper yourself with the remaining amount. This certainly helps in the long run and you may earn a windfall if you start saving early.


  1. Shop on schemes


With the penetration of shopping portals, brands have come to your doorstep. More the portals more the competition to attract consumers and resulting into more schemes/ sale offers during special times like Diwali / Republic day etc. Make the best use of these freebies to save a little extra buck and to shop for products that meet your needs.


  1. Easy Commute


Worried about recent hike in petrol/diesel prices? An easier way to counter the effect is to opt for public transport. If public transit system is too crowded, then go for car-pooling. Share your travelling time and vehicle with members living in your vicinity. Save on fuel expenses and build a social network too. There are various mobile apps which help you find members / vehicle for car-pooling. Do your bit for environment while keeping convenience uncompromised.

  1. Combine Services


There are a plethora of electronic products in your household today which require services like the TV requires a cable connection and laptop / cellphone requires internet connectivity(along with voice for cellphones). Try clubbing these services with one service provider. Fat chance that he may also give you a handsome discount.


  1. Shop Second Hand

2nd hand

Buying new branded products may be a good thing but certain products can be purchased from an existing user. Certain online portals do a wonderful job of connecting the user to the buyer. Bargaining is all left to the parties. Purchasing a pet from the professional/ stores would cost you a lot rather purchase them from their previous owners.  Used products like gardening & sports equipment, hand tools, good musical instruments, books can also be repurchased saving some moolah for the trip!