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Having spent a good time of our childhood and our teenage in this City, it is natural that Jaipur occupies a special place in our hearts. We list down 5 things that we absolute love about Jaipur 😀

Food – Anyone who’s heard of Rajasthan or has been to Rajasthan and specifically to Jaipur would swear by the sheer variety of North Indian food available in the city. It goes without saying that Dal Baati Choorma, Chaat and Lassi in Old Jaipur and some lip smacking food at some of the local dhabas are an absolute must have. What is exciting to see is the fact that in the recent times Jaipur has also seen restaurants open up that cater to International palettes and offer some really tasty continental food. All in all it makes Jaipur a foodie’s paradise :D.

Rajasthani Dal Baati Choorma

Rajasthan Food at its best

People – Rajasthanis are famous for their hospitality and people who have spent time in the Pink City would not hesitate to verify this fact. The local people play a major role in making Jaipur one of the friendliest, warm and inviting cities in the whole of India, once here, it’s very difficult to leave!


Iconic Moustache which has become symbolic of Rajasthan

The Iconic Moustache, mooch ho to aisi, warna na ho 😉


The Architectural Grandeur – Jaipur’s forts and palaces need absolutely no introduction. The grand Amer Fort has been a crowd favorite for decades now and it’s no surprise why. The feeling of being immersed in the history of this legendary palace and its grand halls and corridors can only be experienced and not explained in words or pictures. Another must experience is standing at the top of Nahargarh fort at night and just absorbing the absolutely stunning view of the Pink City at night, a view unparalleled, unmatched.

Jaipur's Amer Fort

Glimpse of Jaipur’s magnificent palaces

Perfect balance of old and new – What makes us crave for the life we enjoyed in Jaipur even after having spent time in India’s biggest metropolitans like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi? The fact that the city has still not lost its relaxed and happy way of living life. Rapid urbanization has not forced Jaipur to expand beyond its capability nor has it caused the city to lose its traditional, royal touch. Jaipur still remains amongst the few top cities in the country which have not lost its roots in the race of industrialization while managing to grow in all spheres at a constant pace. It sounds clichéd by Jaipur is amongst the select few cities that have managed to hold on to its culture and tradition while embracing modernity with open arms

World Trade Park, Jaipur

The modern side of Pink City

Art & Culture – Is it a coincidence that Jaipur has been the proud host of Asia’s biggest literary festival (Jaipur Literature Festival) for the past few years? The simple answer is no. Jaipur and moreover Rajasthan have long been the flag bearers in the field of Arts and craft. Historically Jaipur’s Rulers have been patrons of a number of arts and crafts and have been known to encourage this culture during their rule which continues to this day. Whether it’s the ages old craft of Blue Pottery (With Turko-Persian origins) or the Bhandani style of cloth print, Jaipur is the perfect place to soak in Indian art and culture in various forms ranging from the high energy dances like Kalbelia and Ghoomer to intricate craft work used in Jewellary, Stone Carving, Pottery and more.

Rajasthani Handicraft

An example of Rajasthani Handicraft


About Le Pension Backpackers Hostel, Jaipur

Le Pension is an upcoming chain of backpacker hostels with our first property located in the Heritage city of Jaipur, India. Our aim is to provide the curious traveller in you not only a safe and reasonable place to stay in but a wholesome experience, where you get to meet people from various walks of life, make new friends, get to know things about Jaipur and India which you probably never knew. Come stay and make memories for a lifetime!